Float Collar
Kintama’s flotation collars (patent-pending) are a complete solution designed for transportation, deployment, protection, and optimal orientation of VEMCO’s VR3 and VR4 acoustic receivers. Our floatation collars are designed for rapid assembly on land, providing permanent protection of receivers at any depth, without degrading sensor performance. Constructed exclusively of synthetic materials, they are corrosion proof, re-usable, and have a virtually unlimited lifespan.
Each collar can be provided stand alone, or as a complete system including a riser and anchor. The synthetic riser that we use in the field is specially constructed for Kintama, can be made to any length, and is non-corroding, positively buoyant in water, and stronger than steel – the same fiber used to moor deep water oil rigs.
+ Trawler Resistant Design
The flotation collars feature a trawl resistant design, delivered as two identical half shells that mate together. They orient the VR3 or VR4 vertically in the water column to a depth of up to 500m, and the 6mm thick one-piece polyethylene outer shell resists bio-fouling and snagging. Each unit provides near-indestructible protection, filled with buoyant syntactic foam and is physically designed roll under fishing trawls and return to target depth. Our unique design gives a nearly unobstructed “view” to each sensor, occluding less of the surrounding environment than the VEMCO VR3/4’s optional VEMCO titanium cage.
+ Simplicity of Operation
Vessel time and equipment loss usually dominate operational costs, so Kintama’s positioning systems have been designed to keep these costs as low as possible. Set-up for each unit takes as little as 10 minutes on land, and the assembled positioning system acts as a carrying case for transporting the unit to the boat. At sea, the units can be neatly arranged on the aft deck and deployed as rapidly as the boat can move from one position to the next. Our design facilitates cost effectiveness large-scale deployments - a two person deck crew should be able to deploy 30-40 units in an 8-10 hour period, depending on the size and layout of the deck.
+ Recovery
Economics as well as permitting requirements often dictate that marine research equipment should never be abandoned. Our positioning systems can accommodate most commercially available acoustic releases for ease of recovery. Kintama has significant experience using acoustic releases, and can advise on reliable manufacturers and deployment methodologies.
+ Equipment Loss
No system can completely prevent equipment losses in active fishing zones. Our experience is that annual equipment attrition can be maintained at less than 12% in most continental shelf areas, and can be reduced further with the cooperation of local fishing fleets. Over 60% of our displaced equipment has been returned thanks to the toll-free number on the casing, and all but one of the receivers has been operational and contained detection data. Returned receivers and collars are routinely redeployed.
+ Lost and Found
We offer a “Return for Reward” service, free of charge. Contact information is listed directly as a label on the floatation collar; Kintama’s toll-free lost and found number works across North America and our email address works worldwide. The label is fused into the shell and nearly indestructible. It is a simple process: you pay the reward and shipping costs, and we look after the rest. If you would rather manage the service yourself, we will happily provide you with custom ordered labels.