Surgical Tagging


The VEMCO acoustic tags currently come as small as 6mm in diameter and 0.85g (in air).  A transmitter of this size can be implanted in many marine animals and is ideal for salmon smolt with a fork length of greater than 110mm.  Larger tags, however, will usually have a longer battery life – for example, the V6 lasts about 4 months depending on its programming, whereas the much larger V16 (16mm in diameter, 25g in air) can last up to 10 years.  The bigger tags typically also have a wider detection radius and therefore there is a trade-off between tag size and performance.  Kintama can advise on optimal tag programming according to your study objectives.

In order to have the highest rates of success when tagging animals, it is important to pick the right sized tag for the animals you want to track, and to tag them by applying operating procedures (surgical techniques, anesthesia, pre- and post-care) that result in healthy surviving fish not impacted by their acoustic load. Kintama upholds very high standards in fish tagging procedures, meeting and often exceeding the scrutiny of university animal care requirements.  We are happy to help you tag animals, so you have the highest likelihood possible of achieving great results. 

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