Kintama Research Services’ projects reveal surprisingly extensive migration behaviours of the study animals (mainly juvenile and adult salmon). As part of the early stages of analysis, we animate the recorded movements of the individual acoustically tagged animals over the arrays. Beginning in 2013, our animations are dynamic and can be panned, queried, and customized.

Note the “time clock” and how fast the animals migrate.

Play with them and enjoy!

Marine Tagged Juvenile Sockeye 2018 Animator

Cowichan Chinook 2017 Animator

Cowichan Chinook 2017 Animator-- includes mobile data

Chilko Lake Sockeye 2017 Animator

Marine Tagged Juvenile Sockeye 2017 Animator

Chilko River Chinook 2016 Animator

Chilko Lake Sockeye 2016 Animator

Net Depths in Cook Inlet 2015

Seymour River Summer Steelhead 2015 KRS & UBC Animator

Seymour River Summer Steelhead 2015 KRS Animator

Seymour River Summer Steelhead 2015 UBC Animator

Chilko Lake Sockeye 2014 Animator

Chilko Lake Sockeye 2013 Animator

Cook Inlet Adult Sockeye and Chinook 2013 Animator

BC Salmon Conservation Studies

Columbia River Spring-Summer Chinook Studies

Fraser River Adult Sockeye Studies

Skeena and Bulkley River Adult Steelhead Studies

Green Sturgeon Study

Kintama in action