Lippy Point sub-array deployed

The last of Kintama’s major sub-arrays was re-deployed May 15th!  Consisting of 44 Receivers, an increase from 24 in previous years, the “Lippy line” now extends 30 km (19 miles) off the coast to a depth of approximately 500 meters (1,650 feet) and is located off Lippy Point on Vancouver Island’s remote Northwest coast.  The redeployment primarily involved VEMCO VR3 Receivers upgraded with new firmware and replacement batteries after recovery last autumn.  Receivers were re-deployed with Kintama’s positioning systems (“float collars”) to precisely position and orient them in the water column and (in areas most susceptible to trawling), re-deployments used Kintama’s new trawler resistant Hex Float Collars which accepts both VR3s and the new VEMCO VR4.  More information on the new Float Collars can be found here.

Pictures of the deployment and surrounding scenery can be found in the Deployment Trips section of the Photo Gallery.