Providing Answers

Kintama Research Services is the world leader in the design, deployment and operation of large-scale and cost-effective underwater acoustic telemetry arrays. These arrays bring vast new opportunities for precise scientific study of the survival and movements of marine animals, particularly for populations migrating between marine, estuarine and freshwater environments.  

We offer 20 years of excellence in the design of large and small-scale studies utilizing  acoustic telemetry answering important management questions around fish migration, survival, and residency.  With deep practical expertise in the logistics and operational details needed to make these studies successful, Kintama provides products and services consisting of:

Our team has published more than 30 ground-breaking publications, the results from several of these have scientists rethinking critical assumptions about the conservation of Pacific salmon stocks. 

The methodologies Kintama has developed are applicable to many marine populations and environments throughout the world, freshwater or salt.  Contact us to discuss your study requirements.